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Finish Shaping your APS Machine Blank

Finish Shaping your APS Machined Surfblank  will take roughly thirty minutes for a 7' to 8' blank.


1. Trim the nose & tail stringer with a Microplane Blade and Hard Block wrapped in 80grt Abranet.

2. Take the Bottom edge off the rail with a Microplane Blade or Hard Block & 80grt or The Fred Tool.

3. Shape the rail with a 80grt Shaping Screen.

4. Shape the deck and bottom with a 80grt Abranet and Soft Block.

5. Trim the stringer top & bottom with a David Plane. Use a Zona spoke shave for the deck curve at the nose of blank.

6. Start the process over again using  120grt

7. Finish rails with 240grt Shaping Screen

8. Finish the deck & bottom with 240grt Abranet and Soft Block.



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