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**SOLID FIBERGLASS FINS FOR VARIOUS BOX SYSTEMS** - Now supplying singles, thrusters and quad fin sets in solid, tinted fiberglass.  More info HERE
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150mm Velcro Flex Pad


Price without GST: $38.28
GST Amount: $3.83
Our Price: $42.11


  • Flexpad made in the U.S.A   6" x 1 1/2" with 14mm thread

    150mm  Soft.  This is a very popular all Yellow Foam SOFT sanding pad. It is used for finish sanding.  It's soft, so you have to run it slower.

    150mm Medium. Use the Red/White MEDIUM FLEXPAD after you use the Orange Hard pad with a lighter sandpaper to get scratches out of your work. This is a great all around sanding pad. The flex is between the soft and hard pad.

    150mm Hard. The Orange/White Flexpad is tough. Used for rough sanding. You can flatten the bumps, grind fin boxes and glass fins with this pad, no problems. A good Boat Builders sanding pad.

    Also recommended for Boat Builders.  Flexpad is universally sold to the Boat Building Industry and Automotive Industry.



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