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**SOLID FIBERGLASS FINS FOR VARIOUS BOX SYSTEMS** - Now supplying singles, thrusters and quad fin sets in solid, tinted fiberglass.  More info HERE
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Astra Half Sheet


Price without GST: $1.98
GST Amount: $0.20
Our Price: $2.18


Astra Dot Half Sheet (280mm x 115mm) by Noritake Coated Abrasives Co'

Astra's special pattern coating prevents foam from clogging allowing a smooth, efficient shaping experience.

Superior performance and durability.

For best results use Astra Velcro sheets with foam shaping block

* 60grt & 80grt used with a Hard Block

* 120 , 150 & 180grt used with a Medium Block

* 240, 320 & 400grt used with a Soft Block


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