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**SOLID FIBERGLASS FINS FOR VARIOUS BOX SYSTEMS** - Now supplying singles, thrusters and quad fin sets in solid, tinted fiberglass.  More info HERE
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100 Mt Roll of Surfblanks 4 oz Warp 27" wide


Price without GST: $376.00
GST Amount: $37.60
Our Price: $413.60


Surfblanks 4oz Warp 27" - 100 meters on a roll @ $3.03 +GST per Meter (freight is not included)

Soft, white cloth with very fast wet out - amazing transparencey - wraps even the hardest edges - great in channels.

Stronger than normal E Glass (more lengthwise strands) - cheaper than S Glass.

A direct sized yarn (stronger since there is no secondary heat treatment) that does not fray when laps are cut.

Probably the best cloth Surfblanks has sold in its 40 year plus history.

Cut Yards are available

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