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Three Great Foams - Enter here

Three Great Foams

Surfblanks manufactures three different formula foams to suit different needs.


Superwhite/Superstrong is the surfer's long time favourite.

While it has all the cosmetics and physical atributes, it also rides the best. Any surfer will tell you that Superwhite has a lively feel not found in any other foam.

Year after year Superwhite has been upgraded to the now Superstrong. They may just be words but in reality this foam has twice the life of any surfboard foam in the world.

Small makers with a long time loyal following prefer Superwhite/Superstrong so they don't have to stress over durability. Surfers who are in the water everyday know how good this foam is.

Available from Surfblanks Australia, Surfblanks Africa, and Teccell Brazil.


Pacific Foam has been made by Surfblanks for many years.

Pacific Foam is Surfblanks quality but at a price that is at least 20% cheaper than Superwhite. This makes it a great foam for cheaper production boards that may end up under beginners or backpackers. Paciifc has none of the problems of Asian made foams, in fact the average shaper would struggle to see the difference between Pacific and Superwhite. Pacific is glued with slightly different colour glue.

Pacific is available in Green, Blue and Red densities. The Green is preferred for just about every shape as it holds up really well.

Available from Surfblanks Australia and Teccell Brazil.


Surfblanks America has specifically designed for American shapers.

SBUSA looks very similar to Superwhite though it cuts more easily, so it suits slow revving Skil planers.

SBUSA is a premium foam available in very light weights like Pink  and Green.

In a market of very weak, dead surfing foams SBUSA is a breath of fresh air for hardcore surfers.

SBUSA will be available in the USA in the near future.



What's news at Surfblanks Australia

September 2012 - New 73LB and 83LB - 1'' wider and 3/8'' thicker than usual - checkout the longboard diagrams HERE
August 2012 - New 511SB, 63SB and 69SB - 2'' wider and 1/4'' thicker than usual - checkout the shortboard diagrams HERE
Feb 2012 - 4oz x 27'' and 6 oz x 30'' S Glass now in stock - brilliant whiteness and strength.
May 26th 2011 - Surfboard rockers available in all Fish blanks - make that thick, wide shorty fatso!
April 15th 2011 - Bright Resin dye cut by 20% to soften finish in UV resin.
June 1st 2010 - Superstrong formula now available - new Pink foam density - see page.
New - 6'5'' x 25'' x 3 3/4'' Fat Fish blank
New - 6'11'' x 25'' x 3 3/4'' Fat Fish blank
7000 blanks in stock at all times.
6'' and 8'', 14mm thread Flexpads (H,M,S) now in stock.
8 oz Volan 30'' now in stock.
Zona Mini Spokeshaves in stock now.
Farrelly Cutaway fins now in stock.

An amazing 2.1 kg shortboard

Andrew Harris 2.1kg ShortboardAn amazing 2.1 kg shortboard (5'10'') from Andrew Harris ( glassed by Rhino (Brookvale).

The shape came off Andrew's APS3000 drawing and is particularly elegant.

Glass job has rubbed out finish coat with 1 x 4 bottom and 1 and 3/4 four deck with glass ons. Feels very firm.
Straight, stock production effort from Rhino Laminating with no extra attention (yes, Juan is good).

NB 2.1 kg = 4.725 lbs

Andrew Harris Surfboards 0402 436 078


Andrew Harris Surfboards

Surfblanks Legrope Plugs

Surfblanks legrope plugsStylish plugs for short and longboards - very shallow - also available in black.

Wide, curved bottom allows easy legrope connection. Both plugs in use for many years with few problems.

Best/strongest installation point is dead centre on the stringer, the plug cannot roll out in the load line, usually backwards.

Slow gel resin installations are recommended to create the best plastic/resin/cloth/foam bond. Pushing the plug into the cutout with glass cloth pieces to reduce the resin content is a must.


Surfblanks Squeegee

Surfblanks very soft 6Surfblanks very soft white squeegee available in lengths 6", 12" and 3' (actual 1 metre).

The compound handles acetone quite well, however storage (long term) in acetone is not recommended.

The contact edge can be redefined on a sandpaper (coarse grit) block or belt sander.

Flat Fish Rockers

Flat Fish rockers You can check out our entire Fish Blank Catalogue by clicking here

You can also find specs for our entire range of blanks, including new 2012 additions, in our download section - HERE

Terry Glass Big Boy

Terry Glass (Swiftstix) 7'6'' Big BoyTerry cut this semi retro bonza out of a 7'8'' Red Foam longboard blank M08 curve.

Glass job is a minimal 4 oz bottom with 6 oz deck and 4 oz tail patch.

Terry says it's holding up well due to the Red Foam density he chose.

Terry back foot surfs the board, says it flows easily.


Swiftstix in Ulladulla, 02 4455 4382

Farrelly Cutaway Fins

Farrelly 10" Cutaways - single colourFarrelly Cutaway Fins are now available in 8'', 10'' and 12'' - to fit standard 9mm wide fin boxes.

The fins come with a stainless plate and screw.

Colours are red, blue, green, yellow and smoke tints.

The above colours also are avalable on a white centre.

The 12'' fin is used as a large single - the 10'' can be used with small side fins, as can the 8''.

Farrelly 12" fins


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