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An Introduction to Block and Sheet Foam

Blocks (7lb) from cardboard and wooden boxesSurfblanks Australia formulates and manufactures various densities of block and sheet foam.

The basic ingredients are the same as those used in the surfboard foam systems. The difference is that much heavier densities are required for block and sheet.

The foam appears white and very firm. The foam resists all solvent attack, so is very versatile in most applications.

The block is made in a variety of shapes to suit end users, anywhere from a 1' x 1' x 1' cube to a 9' x 2' x 5'' slab.

In special cases, customers can supply their own light plywood or heavy cardboard moulds for one time filling, after Surfblanks has quoted approx cost.

Blocks (7lb) from cardboard and wooden boxes.

Pictured are two blocks - the first was produced from a thick walled cardboard box - the second from a partical board wood box.

The long block is the one that be sawn to any length, say 1, 2, or 3 feet.

Popular densities are ....
5 lb per cubic foot - basic core material where detail is not required
7 lb per cubic foot - suits most model making - skim board foam cores are made from this when sawn into sheets
9 lb per cubic foot - best for fine detail cnc models

Any block or slab can be sawn. Sawn faces can be sanded to a fine finish.

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